This review does not address contaminant content (such as herbicide, pesticide and fungicide residues) of organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs or the environmental impacts of organic and conventional agricultural practices.

The UA would be a gigantic citizen’s movement with virtually no sane opposition, and TIP is a protest strategy presenting no targetable qualities, thus circumventing the possibility of the state’s use of repressive tactics.

Namebase is a terrific resource used by investigative journalists (real ones), which provides relationship maps between important individuals and corporations that may otherwise go unnoticed. Plug in a high profile name and see the cloud of co-conspirators (or innocent associates) appear before your very eyes. PIR hand built their database by painstakingly scouring books and […]

Not very long ago Representative Alan Grayson had the opportunity to question Elizabeth Coleman, the Fed’s Inspector General for the Board of Governors, the office responsible for audits and investigations. Liz claims to have no clue as to where the Fed put $9 trillion over the past 8 months. Seems to me a simple enough […]

Unless you believe the U.S. produces only one certain type of way-out wacko, completely out of touch extremist CLK, and not a bell-curve spread of varying CLK types, the Crazed Lone Killer theory is hereby shot to hell.

Those Blogroll and Research links in the sidebar have been carefully selected so you can get to the meat of the absolute truth in the various subjects they represent. Deep Capture (PDF file) is the result of Patrick Byrne’s (CEO of investigation into unrestrained naked short selling/insider trading/securities manipulation pervading the U.S. stock market. […]

Economy not so hot? Not to worry, we’ve got geniuses in the government working on it overtime. Well, maybe not overtime. Their gigantic brains are thinking stimulus and bailout, stimulate and bail. And bail. And stimulate. You stimulated yet? Yeah, that’s what I thought. That first package they came up with was a doozy – […]

There’s a voracious tapeworm eating the United States from the inside out. No fewer than five former Presidents have been assassinated for their attempts to rout the beast. The very least you can do is be aware of the problem. The Federal Reserve is a private enterprise, chock full of conflict of interest. These guys […]

Did you ever wonder how it is that, with all those time saving inventions, we have less free time than ever?

The “peak” that postpeakpublishing refers to is perhaps the peak of ignorance, of misguided leadership, of apathy, of willing to settle for less, of equating human domestication and unequivocal submission to authority with civilization.