Here at PPP we don’t just cry over spilled milk, we’ll also try mopping it up. Towards that end we offer to the U.S. and the world at large, the concepts of the “Unassailable Agenda” (UA) and “The Irrepressible Protest” (TIP). Used together these concepts can have the effect of uniting populations and forcing the hand of the state.

The UA would be a gigantic citizen’s movement with virtually no sane opposition, and TIP is a protest strategy presenting no targetable qualities, thus circumventing the possibility of the state’s use of repressive tactics. Government would have virtually no choice but to adopt the Unassailable Agenda, or to be nakedly exposed as a repressive oligarchy with little interest in actually serving the people.

The Irrepressible Protest takes place in situ (no change in your normal schedule required), by visible sign, one that may or may not signify participation. It could be as simple as wearing a hat, any kind of hat, on the chosen day of protest. The magnetic and galvanizing force created by both showing your support for, and seeing everyone else in support of the same issues would be astounding. The authorities would have nowhere to aim their microwave crowd dispersal devices, their teargas canisters and whatnot, and yet everywhere one looked protesters would be evident as they go about their normal business. On questioning, any particular individual could claim they always wear a hat, or just happened to choose to wear one on that day. The consolidated “request for change” would be overwhelming. Our Representatives would be forced to either follow through or enact draconian policies to maintain control thereafter.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Devise a list of demands (the UA) that irrefutably benefit all people equally, possibly certain standards of air and water quality, the fair distribution/use of natural resources, fairer access to and use of man’s collective knowledge, freedom to learn how to think constructively and independently rather than to be force fed an institutionalized mode of thought, sovereignty over one’s own body, lowered influence of corporations with a corresponding increase in citizens’ influence, full transparency of government, and access to quality health care. Carefully craft this list to be as detailed and extensive as possible, yet so self-evident that to deny any part of it would be tantamount to being “anti-humanity”. This will not be easy, as people will debate just about anything, but avoid obviously contentious issues. They need to be addressed in another manner.
  2. Include in the distribution of the UA a chosen date on which citizens will show their support of the UA, via Irrepressible Protest, explaining the rationale and method for doing so.
  3. Distribute the UA, and allow time for awareness to spread sufficiently to cover the population.
  4. On the selected date, when over 95% of the population can be seen and can see their neighbors united, Irrepressibly Protesting for adoption of the Unassailable Agenda, a galvanizing effect will take place.
  5. Government will be forced to adopt the Unassailable Agenda, as the citizens will now feel massively empowered, stronger and unified, and there could be no justification offered for not obeying them.

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