The Delaware County Fair was last week, and since it was raining, I stopped by the Democratic Party booth. And there I suggested to the gray haired, and rather self-satisfied but somewhat delusional fellow, that he take down his signage, move his booth to the middle of the aisle and invite the Republicans in their […]

When the righteous are tasked with cleaning up, accounting for, or fully investigating a set of circumstances, inevitably some common sense guidelines will be followed resulting in a clearly cleaner, accounted for, or fully investigated outcome. Sadly, after boatloads of U.S. government cleanups, accounting, and investigations we find ourselves ever deeper in muck. Unless we […]

A universal construct among scams and cons is the application of temporal pressure during a period of confusion and disarray. If you don’t sign now, this fabulous opportunity will be lost! And with just such a tactic, the 1000 plus page Stimulus Act was passed earlier this year. Buried within the weighty tome were fundamental […]

China is recognized as having as much as $1.2 trillion in dollars, perhaps 70% of their entire reserve. If the Chinese decide to unload, the dollar would drop markedly. This “nuclear option” of openly divesting greenbacks has been unanimously disregarded as mere posturing. It’s claimed that the subsequent dollar devaluation would be too harmful to […]

With the economy in shambles, thanks to what appears to be the accelerating wealth shifting strategy of the criminal class, the rest of us will be searching hard for that promised “Change We Can Believe In.” The Fed, printing greenbacks as if they are going out of style (which they are), is fully aware that […]

“I am not a crook.” He was. “I did not have relations with that woman.” He did. “The air is safe.” It wasn’t. “Sadaam’s got stockpiles of WMDs.” Nary a one. “We have found absolutely no link between vaccines and autism.” They had. “Insert quote here.” Insert truth here. The past eight years provided too […]