With the economy in shambles, thanks to what appears to be the accelerating wealth shifting strategy of the criminal class, the rest of us will be searching hard for that promised “Change We Can Believe In.” The Fed, printing greenbacks as if they are going out of style (which they are), is fully aware that U.S. currency is thus devalued. That’s why their cronies are receiving it in exponentially larger amounts. Budgets, not long ago tallied in the millions, are now routinely in the billions, tens of billions and even hundreds of billions. Bank bailouts and executive payouts are at formerly unimaginable levels. It’s a Weimar Republic style hyperinflated cash wheelbarrow making it’s reappearance from the top down. By the time it hits ground level, and the smoke clears, U.S. paper currency may be utterly worthless.

Don’t expect big media to clue you in on this. Media provides the smoke. Don’t expect “big” anything to help. Big gets big, feeds and maintains itself, by taking advantage of little. Expect big to obfuscate reality and steer you in the opposite direction. In spite of the cheery “less negative than expected” depression era news you may have heard to the contrary, a clear, logically oriented mind sees an ugly future looming. There is no manufacturing base, no new jobs are coming to replace those lost, no new boom on the horizon to usurp the bust. We have record breaking (and rising) public and private debt with no foreseeable repayment plans. Collusion and cooption of government with corporate giants is not likely to be thawing soon.

There is however, change you can believe in, and by that I mean silver coins. When paper money no longer has discernable value, Morgan and Peace dollars, Liberty and Franklin halves, Washington quarters, Roosevelt and Mercury dimes and other silver will be in high demand. Gold is certainly good too, but it’s simply not as convenient as silver for smaller purchases such as groceries. As I write this, these coins are worth a bit more than 10x their face value. In 1964 a cup of coffee cost a dime. That same silver dime (now valued about $1.07) will still get you a cup in some places. If hyperinflation drives coffee to $5.00 a cup, that silver dime may well continue to suffice. Silver coin is the change I believe in.

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