The Delaware County Fair was last week, and since it was raining, I stopped by the Democratic Party booth. And there I suggested to the gray haired, and rather self-satisfied but somewhat delusional fellow, that he take down his signage, move his booth to the middle of the aisle and invite the Republicans in their booth across the way to join him, and thus discontinue the charade since they were two sides of the same coin – and a wooden nickel at that. Of course he was disinclined, and instead attempted to suggest that there was still some working semblance of representational government, and that the Donkey way was ever so much better than that of the Elephant.

Meanwhile in Washington, Obama was preparing to announce his appointment of former Monsanto vice president Michael Taylor to be Food Safety Czar. Need I say more? What about “Change”? What about “Hope”? I’m hoping Taylor has changed, but that’s doubtful. Mr. Taylor has made the trip through the FDA/Monsanto revolving door a few times, getting higher status each time around. Maybe Obama was pretty high himself, when he made that appointment. More likely, Obama was told who to appoint by those above him – and I’m not talking about God. supplies links to some of the FDA’s internal documents which point out hazards of genetically modified foods and flaws in the methods the agency used to make it’s policy. I’ve added the link to the Research Tools list at left.

By the way, do you know why it’s hard to find genetically modified food in Europe? Because the people refuse to eat it! Demand labeling at the very least.

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