Fresh attempts to know thyself might best start by defining characteristics common to all selves.
Selves are, by definition, unique instances of something, a personal something. In the language of geometry, unique instances are known as “points”. Selves have an infinite number of characteristics, which to varying degree they show or shun. Characteristics being inclinations, each [...]

The significance of the ancient maxim “Know Thyself” was indicated in Hypnotism’s Fascinating Objects. Now we just need to know what knowing is!
We think we know ourselves. And maybe we do. But maybe not. We know something, but is it true? And, how do we know that?
Some things one just knows, like “the stove could [...]

In which we recognize the need for, and hereby offer, a series of treatises on Metaphysics and Magic, for those that would have it.
Hypnotism, should we think of it at all, conjures up images of curious mustachioed stage magicians from days gone by, somnambulistic trances brought on by Freudian psychoanalysts, Indian Fakir snake charmers and [...]

Polytheism, so handily dismissed as a quaint vestige of primitive animism by entrenched establishment guardians of the waters of mass consciousness, is a loss too great for most of us to fathom. The human world suffers each and every moment, unaware of the value of its lost Pantheon of Gods. I mourn this loss, and [...]

The UA would be a gigantic citizen’s movement with virtually no sane opposition, and TIP is a protest strategy presenting no targetable qualities, thus circumventing the possibility of the state’s use of repressive tactics.