I realize it’s been a while since anyone’s heard from the Crazed Lone Killers (CLK’s) out there, but I want you all to know, once and for all, that a simple look at the numbers proves the official CLK stories hold no water. No need to analyze the Zapruder film again or to inspect any shells, just follow along:

Consider that a certain sector of the general population fits the CLK profile, let’s say maybe there’s 10,000 of them. Yeah, I know, there probably aren’t that many, but roll with it. Now what percentage of this subset do you suppose is so wacko, so out on the edge of crazyness that they would want to off a John Lennon, a Martin Luther King or a President Kennedy – the kind of inspirational leaders that mankind loves and needs most? How many are so out there that they’ll plug the kind of leaders that hold quality values and attempt to raise the consciousness and living conditions of the poor and downtrodden? How many are that crazed? Obviously it’s not going to be the majority. Probably just a few percent at the outer limits of CLK mental disorder. Well, I ask you then, how come it’s only these extreme guys that successfully kill? Where’s all the “regular” crazed lone killers, the majority of them, the ones crazy enough to actually go through with it, but not so off the wall nuts as to shoot an exemplary leader?

You see where I’m going here don’t you? (And no, I’m not advocating violence of any sort.) Common sense tells us that the majority of crazed lone killers, being only moderately crazed (relatively speaking), would go after the unpopular leaders. You’d think at least 9 out of every 10 assassinations would be directed at them, no? Unless you believe the U.S. produces only one certain type of way-out wacko, completely out of touch extremist CLK, and not a bell-curve spread of varying CLK types, the Crazed Lone Killer story is hereby shot to hell. So come on now, give us an explanation we can believe in!

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