At one point, making a cup of coffee took 20 minutes or more. With newfangled contraptions that figure has been whittled down to almost nothing. Another “time saving” invention – woo hoo! So how are you spending all your savings? I’ll bet you’re not spending it sleeping late, or reading a good book. Did you ever wonder how it is that, with all those inventions, you have less free time than ever?

It wasn’t so long ago that just about every town had a hobby shop. Those shops are kind of rare these days. People had spare time. Not only that, but one worker could have covered the household expenses and still had time for hobbies. Seems that somehow we’re losing time a lot faster than we’re saving it.

The issue is economic. Time is money. You don’t have spare time because you don’t have spare money! You can’t possibly save time fast enough with time-saving inventions to make up for time lost due to inflation, rising unemployment, skyrocketing taxes, etc. etc.

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