Almost a year ago we were all shocked to learn from the BBC that there’s “No Benefit to Organic Food”. Naturally, we found multiple links between the research behind that article and entrenched big food (read non-organic) producers. Today the BBC, via Professor Jonathan Jones, is deriding eaters who avoid genetically modified foods, labeling them “fussy eaters” — the very same day that the Wall Street Journal announced that the 2013 DSM may recognize “selective eating” as a treatable mental disorder. No doubt readers of both articles (or their offshoots) will make some kind of connection, though the DSM disorder is another animal entirely.

Most, if not all of Professor Jone’s arguments have been refuted numerous times elsewhere. Other “facts” in the BBC article, such as the shear percentage of GM acres planted, do not prove that GM is better, only that companies like Monsanto have the muscle to virtually mold the seed marketplace. Naturally the BBC finds no need to mention that the esteemed Professor Jones is in the service of Mendel Biotechnology (enter search term “Jones”, see result #3), nor that Monsanto is Mendel’s top customer and collaborator. From the horse’s mouth: “The interests of Mendel and Monsanto are highly aligned and the companies have established very effective mechanisms of collaboration…”

Yeah, I’d say so!

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