Moody’s just announced that “Preserving debt affordability at levels consistent with AAA ratings will invariably require fiscal adjustments of a magnitude that, in some cases, will test social cohesion.” Behind all that high-falutin’ experty sounding blathering is flat out bullshit, engineered and released in advance of a predictable reaction to planned “adjustments” the masses won’t like, for the sole purpose of heading off establishment-side risk at the pass.

We’re mightily interested in social cohesion around here, and thus would like to point out that Moody’s is confounding “social cohesion” with an illusion of social cohesion propped up by government containment, namely, the threat of police action on rebellion. That there rebellion, that’s real social cohesion, when the population finally unites in purpose and pits it’s will against forces that would unjustly reign against it. Oh, those Moody folk aren’t just doing this for kicks – it’s top spin with a purpose.

Moody’s knows the country is struggling (nearly fifty percent of mortgages are under water), and they know it’s not getting better any time soon. They know the published unemployment figures, and the more accurate figures as well. They know the Consumer Price Index is jiggered. They know there’s no such animal as a “jobless recovery”. (A what??) They know the big boys are front running, flash trading, trading on inside info and using all manner of accounting chicanery while suppressing precious metals. They know it’s gonna be the poorest sectors doing the belt tightening (belt tightening is apparently not a trickle down phenomenon). And Moody’s is establishment. When these further “fiscal adjustments of a magnitude” great enough to initiate social cohesion (ie: general strikes, riots, etc.) take effect, they’ll want as many on the fringe of cohesion as they can get to brand the growing ranks of protesters antisocial.

Antisocial they are not. They are just anti-fuck-us-over-again-you-greedy-bastards!! That’s quite pro-social, actually. When citizens finally coalesce in a unified outrage intense enough to massively confront the truly anti-social elements lording over us, those who’ve sucked up all our wealth while putting nothing at risk and returning nothing of value, well, then we’ll see some social cohesion. Until then, the well-established dark forces will continue to rely on our near utter lack of cohesion.

Social cohesion will take shape as people come to understand that for the most part there is really not much less wealth today than there was only a decade (or more) ago. Wealth has just become concentrated in the hands of a comparatively very, very few. These few hundreds, or even, thousands, now have such concentrated wealth that the world – your world – is virtually in their control. And Orwell’s Squealer, this time in the guise of Moody’s, will do his damnest to keep it this way.

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