When the world finally turns the corner, and we resume (?) our ascent toward utopian ideals, whistle blowers will finally attain their rightful place as heroes of mankind.

One such hero, as yet unknown to the public, has released 1079 emails and 72 documents from the Hadley University of East Anglia Climactic Research Unit. As stated on the CLU’s own website: “The Climatic Research Unit is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading institutions concerned with the study of natural and anthropogenic climate change.” In fact, they might be being a bit modest there, as they supply the scientific grounding for virtually all significant international political action intended to mitigate the “Global Warming Crisis”. None of that political action comes cheap.

Rather than rush to judgement, I held off commenting for a few days, until I was able to actually peruse the leaked information. Much of it seems innocuous enough, a great quantity relates to acquiring funding (common with most research, but certainly problematic as most funding comes from politically motivated sources) and some is plainly incriminating. At the very least, the picture emerges of a not-so-unified scientific community, regardless of the widely distributed media statements and Al Gore’s posturing. One finds a definite bias evident throughout the material, indicating a “research” environment precluding any semblance of scientific objectivity. There’s very strong evidence of forcing data to fit the desired outcome and (worse) of conspiracy to marginalize “skeptics” within the climate science profession. The “warmist scientists” go to the extent of delegitimizing the peer-reviewed journal Climate Research for publishing a contrary study, and then consider doing the same when Geophysical Research Letters acts similarly scientific-like!

The newly public information, conjoined with the fact that just this past October the CRU was shown to have destroyed the raw data underlying their claims of a global warming crisis, does not paint a pretty picture. Their excuse for the destruction of evidence was “lack of storage space.” It looks more likely that the evidence simply didn’t back up the man-made warming claims.

The leaked emails and documents are available for download at wikileaks.org. The CLU’s director, Phil Jones, has admitted that the leaked information is genuine (though he hasn’t authenticated every document).

I’d like to add that as far as climate science goes, I’ve nothing to gain by taking either side in the debate. In fact I’m firmly on the side of making the world better for the common man, so if it becomes clear that we do need to cool the world I’ll let you know. However, from what I can determine the earth is managing pretty well temperature-wise, no matter what we do.

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