Fresh attempts to know thyself might best start by defining characteristics common to all selves.

Selves are, by definition, unique instances of something, a personal something. In the language of geometry, unique instances are known as “points”. Selves have an infinite number of characteristics, which to varying degree they show or shun. Characteristics being inclinations, each with its unique direction, translate as “rays.” The complete and infinite pencil of rays which could emanate from a “self” point includes all possible characteristics of that self. The geometric entity we can define as “a point and the complete pencil of rays which could possibly emanate from it” is (was) known as an Aster. Or is now so known.

We are all asteral entities. We exhibit (to varying intensity) all possible human characteristics, each an independent aspect (ray) of our self, each ray burning as only bright as our degree of affinity with it. Each ray has its direct opposite, a “negative twin” so to speak, also emanating from the shared endpoint, but headed in the exact opposite direction. Our self may include some anti-(insert particular characteristic here) affinity, or repulsion, as well as some degree of actual affinity. To rise above a common and petty view of your world and yourself in it, get used to seeing your self, and everyone else’s self, as an asteral entity. We are, literally, stars.

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